Mr. Rahul H. Kakkad

Having a degree in Engineering and Business from the University of Southern California, he has been one of the key drivers of the ULTRA MILE story since its inception.

Currently heading the TBR (truck tyre) division, Mr. Kakkad is constantly traveling across India and also spear heading the marketing related activities.

“I believe we are creating a brand that not only stands for quality and high comfort/safety, but also stands for the Indian consumer, who is cost conscious. We are delivering a great product at a very good price, and thereby setting a new benchmark for the tyre market! “

Ultramile Mr.Rahul Kakkad PCR Tyre TBR Tyre LTR Tyre

Ultramile Mr.Harish Kakkad PCR Tyre TBR Tyre LTR Tyre

Mr. Harish Kakkad

Formerly director of Trans Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. (India’s largest tyre distribution firm). Mr. Kakkad is one of the pioneers of the tyre industry! Being the first person to introduce radial tyres in India. Mr. Kakkad has spent at least 15 years in the tyre trade, and another 15 years in the transport industry.

Currently handling the entire PCR (Car Tyre) division, Mr. Kakkad is extremely focused on the latest trends in the market, working tirelessly with our team of engineers to design the best tyres that not only look good, but also have a low noise profile, high comfort and great breaking distance.

ULTRA MILE is the next big thing in the tyre market. I am confident we have built a brand that has created a loyal customer base. Today fleet owners in India wait for ultra mile tyres to arrive in stock, before they can change their tyres. And we are proud to have done that!”


PCR Tyre TBR Tyre LTR Tyre

Chinese national Compulsory product certification

PCR Tyre TBR Tyre LTR Tyre

Environmental management systen certification

PCR Tyre TBR Tyre LTR Tyre

ISO9001 quality management system certification

PCR Tyre TBR Tyre LTR Tyre

Occupational Health and Safety management system certification

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